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Selecting Case Formers by Box Type

In order for production to run smoothly, there must be thought put into the initial set up. The type of product you manufacture dictates the type of case you should use, and the type of case you use will help to decide which piece of equipment you need. Not all cases work with every machine type, therefore it is important to consider this when you are narrowing down your options. 


  • RSC - This is the most common case type and works with all of our case formers. 
  • FOL - After evaluation of the folding sequence, this case will work with our CF-5 semi-automatic former
  • SLB/RSC - This box was designed to form manually, and so it does not work with any of our machines. 
  • CSBC - This style will work on all of our equipment. 
  • HSC/POP - This style will work on all of our equipment. 
  • CT Top & Bottom and FPF - None of our machines work with this type of box. 

View all case formers offered by Loveshaw to determine which erector will work best for you. Contact us with any questions you have or for help selecting the proper equipment.

The image below describes the most commonly used case types and the type of application they are most commonly used in. 




For more information on how to properly select the correct case erector for your business download our Case Erector Playbook.

Free download / Case Erector Playbook