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Coding and Packaging Systems Integration Solutions

At Loveshaw we focus our expertise on the conception and development of the best fully automatic box taping machine and semi-manual packaging and coding systems in the industry. Whether you are just beginning to invest in packaging systems with a case erector, box tape machine or label application equipment, or are looking for a total turnkey packaging system, the staff of Loveshaw has the expertise to help you plan and design a packaging system solution that will fit your specific needs. Please visit the links below to learn more about our automatic box taping machine products.

Case Sealing Equipment

Loveshaw, a leader auto tapin machine for boxes and packaging equipment, manufactures a variety of Little David Case Sealers designed to meet your case sealing needs. Equipment models range from semi-automatic to fully automated and are designed to work with uniform or random box sizes.

Uniform Case Sealers

Uniform carton sealing machines are designed to apply tape to boxes that are a consistent size. We offer two different control options for our uniform carton sealing machines:

Semi Automatic Uniform Case Sealers

which require an operator to run.

Fully Automated Case Sealers

which require no operator to run.

Random Case Sealers

Random Case Sealers and box tapers are designed to seal boxes of different sizes on a packaging equipment line. As the name implies the sealer adjusts to seal boxes, cases or cartons of random sizes on the same line. We offer a wide selection of fully automated packaging systems as well as semi-automatic machines. We offer two different control options in our random case sealer equipment lines:


Semi Automatic Random Case Sealers

which require an operator to run.


Fully Automated Random Case Sealers

which require no operator to run.

Note- Our Little David Case Sealing machines are also often referred to as box sealers, carton sealing equipment, carton sealers, carton taping machines and box taping equipment. These terms seem to vary by region and industry so if you found this page via web search for one of the terms above such as carton sealing equipment you are in the correct place. As you explore our site remember these terms are interchangeable and all refer to the same type of machine. If you need additional help with equipment terminology please visit our glossary of packaging terms.

Case Erectors and Case Formers

Loveshaw case erecting equipment provides precise, reliable and cost efficient case forming. For over 15 years Little David Case Formers and case erectors have been easily integrated into company production lines around the world. Did you know that a case erector from Loveshaw can save your company time and money? That's right, a Little David Case Formers can quickly pay for it self even if your company runs volumes as starting at 500 cases per day. Click on the links below to learn more about the Little David Case Erectors and Case Erecting equipment from Loveshaw:


Semi Automatic Case Erector/ Case Former


Case Erector / Case Former


Case Erector / Case Former

Label Application Systems

Whether you need automated labeling machines to apply preprinted labels to your cases or you need print and apply label application equipment, Loveshaw offers a range of Little David label systems and labeling equipment to meet your needs.



Print And Apply Random Labeling System

LX-800DT Little David

Multi Panel/ Box Corner Print And Apply Labeling System


Case Marking and Case Coding Equipment

Loveshaw offers a variety of Industrial Inkjet printers and carton printers to suit your needs, from low cost, large character inkjet printers to high-resolution graphics printers for porous materials. Please follow the links below to learn about our full line of carton printers from Loveshaw:


Industrial Inkjet Printers

Microjet HRP

Inkjet Printers


Large Character Carton Printer