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Loveshaw offers PackPoint, one of the industry's only complete packaging systems that allows you to form, pick and pack, seal, print and label your products.

These stations combine a case erector, primary product delivery, hand pick and pack station, case sealer and optional printer and/or labeler. This takes 5 job functions and puts them into one compact unit.

Packaging lines change, as does your business. Existing integrated systems on the market are one solid structure and can’t be broken apart. PackPoint is the only system made up of separate fully functional pieces. This gives you the flexibility to add, remove or interchange with other Loveshaw equipment to fit your needs.

When a full automation station may not be practical, this is a more efficient way to process materials than doing it by hand. This is optimal when visual inspection of your product station is required.

Available in both Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic versions.

PackPoint Model

Employee hand packs a case

Delivery Options

Option 1:

Plastic Chain Conveyor

Option 1 is a Plastic Chain Conveyor

Option 2:

Low Friction Belt Conveyor

Option 2 is a Low Friction Belt Conveyor


Option 3:

Rotary Accumulation Table