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About Loveshaw

58 years of innovation and quality

While they were still in college, Winton Loveland and Saul Warshaw started what was to become a lifetime of friendship, work, and collaboration. After finishing college, they went to work for Saul's father, who owned Atlantic Gum Paper, a company that made gum tape. While there, Saul and Winton invented a device that applied the tape to corrugated cases.

In 1962, the two co-founded the Loveshaw Corporation in order to manufacture and market their invention for automatic sealing of corrugated cases. Loveshaw quickly became the leader in its field and today, 58 years later, maintains its position as the best in the industry. We provide food sealing machine products for the food and beverage market, as well as products for industries that include healthcare, consumer products and more.

Little David

Little David logoIn 1975 the Little David Case Sealer line was born due to the growing popularity of pressure-sensitive tape and automatic taping machines. Loveshaw was the first company in North America to develop a low-cost line of case sealers capable of performing automatic pressure-sensitive taping on boxes. For the first time ever, relatively low volume manufacturers could enjoy the benefits of factory machine automation. To this day, the Little David name is well known and highly respected for having some of the highest quality auto case sealers and box tapers available anywhere.


PackPoint Logo

In 2013, Loveshaw launched PackPoint, one of the industry's only complete packaging system that allows you to form, pack, seal, print and label your products. PackPoint turns 5 job functions into 1 by combining a case erector, primary product delivery, hand packing station(s), case sealer and optional printer and/or labeler.  This integrated system will help reduce labor costs and increase the efficiency of your current pick and pack operation. It will also help to eliminate ergonomic risk factors and repetitive stress on your employees.

Special Applications Division

An offshoot of the Little David Case Sealer Division is the Special Applications Division, which offers the unique capability to custom design tools for users who have difficult or unusual case taping requirements. Formed in 1987, Special Applications is the fastest growing segment of Loveshaw's case sealing business. Our engineering expertise is the core of the Special Applications' business. Typical customers from our special applications division require packaging systems not currently available in the marketplace. We've developed packaging systems for large items such as large appliances furniture packaging systems or heavy materials/ appliance case sealers. We've also created packaging systems for compact and fragile items such as high-end electronics or medical equipment and supplies. We can provide practical solutions to a customer's "special" packaging requirements.

Industrial InkJet Printers

Micro Jet 1The introduction of Little David Industrial InkJet Printers in 1982 was a natural extension of the product line. Customers who had automated their case taping operation could now automate their case coding and labeling as well. In 1988, Little David actually revolutionized the jet printing industry by introducing the MicroJet II, the first totally enclosed, self-contained ink jet printer ever to be manufactured. Since that time, the MicroJet II remains a cornerstone of the highly successful jet printer line of equipment.

High-Resolution Inkjet Printers

In 1994, Loveshaw successfully introduced a high-resolution Inkjet printer with the capability to print text, graphics and barcodes.

Case Formers and Case Erecting Equipment

In 1986, the acquisition of International Paper's Machinery Division allowed Loveshaw to again position itself as one of the premium suppliers for yet another area of corrugated box taping and labeling, automatic case erecting and case forming machinery.

Automatic Labelers & Label Application Systems

Loveshaw completed its labeling and coding product line in 1998 by acquiring Synchro Motion, a label application systems equipment manufacturer, and introducing Little David Labeling Machine. Now, as one of the top labeling device suppliers, Loveshaw provides a wide variety of options. Little David Labelers range from apply-only automatic labeler machines to highly versatile print-and-apply Labeling systems.

Illinois Tool Works

In 1995, Loveshaw was acquired by Illinois Tool Works.

Signode Industrial Group

In May of 2014, The Carlyle Group successfully completed the acquisition of the Signode Industrial Group from ITW.  Loveshaw was part of this $2.4 billion company with approximately 6,800 employees, across 6 continents.

Crown Holdings, Inc.

In April of 2018, Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) acquired Signode Industrial Group. Crown Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world. World headquarters are located in Philadelphia, PA.

Today, Loveshaw still manufactures popular Little David Case Formers and Case Erectors, Little David Case Sealers and Little David MicroJet Printers in our South Canaan, Pennsylvania, facility.

While Loveshaw's product line has expanded greatly since 1962, our mission remains the same: to focus our expertise on the conception and development of the best packaging and coding systems in the industry. With the investment and expertise Crown Holdings, Inc. can offer, Loveshaw will continue to be an industry leader well into the future.