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Microjet (Valve) vs. HP (TIJ)

Production Rates Microjet HP
# of production lines        
# Characters/box
Cost/Bottle $
Cost/Cartridge $
# of Production days per year ML/Bottle ML/Cartridge
Avg # of boxes per day per line # Characters/Bottle # Characters/Cartridge*
# Boxes/Year  
MicroJet HRP: 325,000 characters @ 1/2" height; 300dpi, 33 pico liters
# Characters/Year
498,000 characters @ 1/2" height (7x5 dot matrix) dot size 250; 3 lbs air (factory default settings)
1,169,000 characters @ 1/2" height (7x5 dot matrix) dot size 130; 2.6 lbs air (minimum acceptable readable print)
    Cost/Milliliter Cost/Milliliter
    Cost/Character Cost/Character
Microjet cost per printer $
HP Print head cost $
    # of printers # of print heads
    Back-up units Total print head cost
    (used during maintenance downtime)   Controller cost
    Total # of printers # of controllers
        Total controller cost
    Total printer investment Total printer investment
    Cartridges/year Cartridges/year
    Years Depreciation Years Depreciation
    (1) Maintenance Cost/year (1) Maintenance Cost/Year
    (2) Ink Bottle Change Over Cost (2) Ink Crtg Change Over Cost
    (3) # of Characters Between Print Head Purge (3) # of Characters Between Print Head Purge
    (4) Cost per PM/ Purge
(4) Cost per PM/ Purge
(Wipe Print Head)
(1) Loveshaw's flat repair rate of $435 + $22 shipping performed every 2 years
(2) Microjet: Labor $20/hr x 2 minutes to change bottle HP: Labor $20/hr x 1 minute to change Cartridge
(3) (10 boxes/min x 60 min/hr x 7hrs/day x 15 characters/box
(4) Microjet: ($20 per hr/60min*1min)+(.6ml x cost/ml) + (wipe .01) HP: ($20 per hr/60min*1min)+ (wipe .01)
* Ink yield is +/- 10% due to variences in characters and fonts

Annual Cost of Ownership
Microjet (valve)
# Boxes/Year
# Characters printed per year
red arrow points to rightAnnual Ink Costs
Annual Maintenance Costs
Annual Cost of Ink Changeovers
Annual Cost of Print Head PM/Purge
Annual Depreciation Costs
Annual usage of ink cartridges
red arrow points to rightTotal Annual Costs
Payback Period & Annual Cash Savings
Microjet (valve)
Initial Equipment Investment
Annual operating costs in first year
(Ink, depreciation, PM)
Annual operating costs in subsequent years
(Ink, maintenance, depreciated, PM)
Annual Cash savings in first year
Annual Cash savings in subsequent years
Payback period in months

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