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CF-50T Case Former

Case Forming for the Real World

This innovative machine has been designed to automatically form, fold, and bottom seal RSCcorrugated cases. The CF-50T easily folds a variety of corrugated cases - from double wall to recycled material, and can form up to 20 cases per minute.

The Little David® CF-50T, with its heavy duty steel construction, is designed to endure the most rigorous industrial environments. The CF-50T requires minimal operator training; decreasing your operating costs, while improved tool-less changeover features make it easier than ever to switch from one box size to another. The CF-50T is designed with your needs in mind.  Case former options / definitions / usage


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Some CF-50T features include:

CF-50T model Case Former

  • Chain-lug drive 
  • Powered hopper
  • Processes up to 20 cases per minute
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Quick changeover
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • American craftsmanship



Power Required
  • 110 VAC, 60 HZ three phase, 10 amps
Ari Requirements
  • 11 SCFM @ 80psi
Production Rate:
  • CF-50T: up to 20 cases per minute, depending on case size and corrugated quality. 
Case Demensions:
  • Length 7” to 24” (177mm to 610mm)
  • Width 6” to 16” (152mm to 406mm)
  • Height 4” to 20” (102mm to 508mm)  *7” high case minimum on HSC style
  • 1,000 lbs (453.6 kg), uncrated.
Closure Material:

Pressure Sensitive Tape

Machine Dimensions:

Dimensions of the CF-50 Case Former

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