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Time To Roll Out That Old Printer



HRP MicroJet Printer


An authorized Little David® distributor was asked to visit an agricultural production farm in Huron, California.  After the produce was gathered from the farm, it was placed into large corrugated boxes.  The boxes traveled down the conveyor and were alphanumerically coded using a roller coder.  The farm was exploring a new printing solution which would provide faster coding and message changeover. 


  • Slow coding of cases as they travel down the conveyor due to printing speed of old unit
  • Time consuming message changeover (roller coder system – need to manually remove and replace each letter/number) 

The distributor representative conducted an onsite demonstration of the HRP MicroJet. The unit was attached to the farms conveyor system and the distributor rep programmed the Virtual Handheld Controller. The rep was so confident in the HRP’s abilities that he offered a full refund if the manager was not satisfied with the unit’s performance. The manager was impressed by the demo; purchased the initial system, and plans to purchase four additional units in early 2018.


  • 83% increased marking speed
    • old unit coded 30 boxes per minute/ new HRP unit coding 55 boxes per minute
  • 75% decreased downtime due to simple changeover of messaging using virtual controller


  • 1" Print-head prints: 1/10", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" tall or 10 lines at .10"
  • Porous and non-porous inks for printing on a variety of substrates
  • Print quality: 300 dpi: High resolution text along with barcode, logo and graphics capability
  • Print speed and distance: up to 200 feet per minute / up to 1/4" from print surface

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