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Loveshaw's Patented Tape Cartridge Solves Box Crushing Problem

Case Study



LDX-RTB Semi-Automatic Case Sealer with Pneumatic Head (Operator-Fed) 

Case Presented: 

We were invited by an authorized Little David® distributor to visit a retailer of entertainment products located in upstate New York.   The customer was interested in increasing production efficiency while eliminating case jams.  Manufacturer had been using a slower speed competitor case sealer which would often jam when presented with an under-filled (void) box.   


After an onsite demonstration of the LDX-RTB with pneumatic head, the company realized this case sealer would provide two major benefits.  

The purchase of the LDX-RTB case sealer with pneumatic head has resulted in:

  • 25% increased throughput (The standard speed LDX-RTB runs at 115 fpm while the competitor model was running at 80 fpm).

  • The pneumatic head with patented light-touch cartridge virtually eliminated box jams as the tape head glides over the case, instead of crushing the case. 

LDX-RTB Little David Performance Features:

  • Operator-fed, semi-automatic, random case sealer which automatically adjusts for height and width, then top and bottom seals the box
  • Processes cases 40% to 80% faster than the nearest competition and processes void and over-stuff.
  • Industrial grade design and components ideal for high volume environments (e-commerce / distribution)
  • Speed: Standard:  115’ per minute / High Speed: 155’ per minute 
  • Case Range:   Length: 6” – infinite / Width: 5-1/2” - 26” / Height: *3-1/2” *min height can be reduced to 2.5” with reduced tab length
  • Machine dimensions:   46 -1/4” x 33 5/8” x 59 7/8” 
  • Center fixed e-stop and moveable magnetic on / off switch for operator convenience.
  • Power Requirements:  110 volts, 60 cycle, single phase
  • Air Requirements:  9 SCFM @ 85 psi
  • CAC60 Case Locker Tape Cartridge with five patented features

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