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Semi-Automatic Case Erector / Mini Pack Station

Little David Case Study


SP-304 Case Erector/Former

Case Presented:

An authorized Little David distributor Crawford Packaging, located in Ontario, Canada was asked to visit a manufacturer to evaluate the benefits of a box former and sealer. The manufacturer was interested in increasing throughput by eliminating the existing manual process of forming and sealing of cases. The manufacturer had very limited floor space. The Packaging Specialist presented the idea of an operator mini pack station.

Challenges presented:

  • Inconsistent (slow) throughput

  • Very limited floor space

  • Machine would have to have a minimal footprint and have easy integration in the existing packing process.


The Packaging Specialist showed the client the SP-304 demonstration video, and immediately, they requested a hand’s on experience. Fortunately, the distributor had an SP-304 in their Packaging Equipment Showroom. The client visited the showroom with sample cartons in hand, used the SP-304 and placed the order. To exhibit even greater efficiencies, a flexible conveyor (non-Loveshaw) was added to the SP-304 to show the manufacturer how the machine could be optimized for operation by a single employee. conveyor would allow for the erect boxes to be conveyed back to the operator. Allowing them to both operate the case erector and stack the completed boxes on a pallet.

Since the purchase of the SP-304, manufacturer noted the following results:

  • Increased throughput: faster movement of the product through the new pack station.
  • One employee is now able to erect, pack, seal and palletize

Lastly, due to the footprint of the machine, the manufacturer did not need to make any adjustments in the packing area.

Little David / Loveshaw SP304
  • Speed: 76 fpm
  • Case range: Length: 6”–24/ Width: 4½”–20”/ Height: 4½”–24”
  • Quick and easy with slide and lock height adjustment and width wheel adjustment
  • Compact Footprint: Length: 79 1/2”/ Width: 33 1/2”/Height: 59 1/4”
  • Heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction
  • 110 Volts, 60 cycle, single phase
  • Self-centering V-groove belts
  • Top and bottom tape cartridges are interchangeable
  • CAC60 Case Locker Tape Cartridge with five patented features

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