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Semi-Automatic Case Erector Cuts Costs

Little David Case Study

Case Former SP304 - Little David / Loveshaw


SP-304 Bottom Only / Semi-Automatic Case Erector / Case Former (Operator-Fed)

Case Presented: 

We were invited by Professional Packaging Systems - Grand Prairie, Texas to visit a local snack food manufacturer who was interested in reducing labor costs while increasing production efficiencies. Manufacturer employed two individuals to hand erect boxes. It would take two employees 1 hour and 20 minutes to manually form 250 boxes.


After an onsite demonstration of the SP-304 BO, the manufacturer identified the obvious return on investment this case erector/former would provide. 

The purchase of the SP-304 BO case former has resulted in:

  • Cutting labor costs by 50%
  • Increasing productivity by 75% with 250 cases erected in less than 20 minutes 

SP-304 Little David Performance Features:

  • Speed: 76 fpm 
  • Case Range: Length: 6” – 24” / Width: 4 ½” – 20” (narrow box option of 3.25”)/ Height: 4 ½” – Inf. 
  • Small Footprint: Machine dimensions 79 ½” L x 33 ½” W x 59 ¼” H 
  • Extended v-groove side-belt driven, operator-fed case sealer/case former 
  • Extended T-rail: serves as a case forming device and packing station 
  • Easy to operate: operator will fold the rear minor, plow the front minor and seal 
  • Quick easy case changeover: slide and lock height and width wheel adjustment 
  • Durable: Built with heavy gauge steel to last in the most demanding 24/7 operations 
  • Sealed Drive System 
  • Self-Centering Belts for low maintenance 
  • Patented single mast design 
  • CAC60 Case Locker Tape Cartridge with five patented features. 
  • Tape cartridges are interchangeable.

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