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Patented Tape Cartridge

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Loveshaw's Washdown Stainless Steel Case Sealer

Case Study



LDXss-RTE Semi-Automatic, Stainless Steel, Top and Bottom Case Sealer (Operator-Fed) 


We were invited by an authorized Little David® distributor, Crawford Packaging, located in Ontario, Canada to visit a dairy plant to evaluate the benefits of a box taper.

The process for packing and sealing the box was a manual, two-step sealing process.  First, the operators manually bottom taped the boxes and stacked them up to 500 cartons at a time.   Second, the operator would take the bottom sealed box, load the product and tape the top of the case.

The manual taping produced three issues:  

  • Inconsistent closures
  • Inconsistent throughput (operator dependent)
  • Ergonomic concerns from the operators (repeated hand motions)


After an onsite demonstration and subsequent purchase of the LDXss RTE, which top and bottom seals the case, the company noted the following results:

  • Consistent sealing of cases
  • Increased throughput: faster movement of the product through the packing station eliminates any back-ups
  • Significantly reduced staff concerns relating to ergonomics of hand taping
  • Easier maintenance:  the LDXss RTE stainless steel design allows the operator to leave the machine on the production floor for complete wash-down at shift end and be in CFIA compliance.


  • Operator-fed, semi-automatic, uniform top and bottom case sealer 
  • Speed: Standard:  80’ per minute (operator dependent)
  • Case Range:   Length: 4” – infinite / Width: 4-1/2” - 27” / Height: 4-1/2”-24

  • Compact Footprint:  Length: 34.22”/Width: 33.49” /Height: 61.44” 

  • Power Requirements:  110 volts, 60 cycle, single phase

  • Compact, waterproof, NEMA 4X electrics with quick disconnect cabling

  • Heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction

  • Open, non-tubular design sheds water allowing surfaces to be sanitized

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