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LD3-SB Eliminates Box Crushing and Speeds Up Production

Little David Case Study


LD-3SB Operator-Fed, Side Belt Case Sealer with Narrow Box Option


Associated Packaging, an authorized Little David® distributor in Memphis, TN, visited a plastic plumbing parts manufacturer who was dissatisfied with their current case sealers. PVC parts were put into bags and then the bags were put into boxes and sealed. The machines they were using were not properly designed for the needs of the company and were not performing to expectations.


  • Current machinery was causing ergonomic problems for operators
  • Their current equipment was outdated and they were having trouble getting replacement parts
  • Machines were causing box jams due to box crushing 


Associated Packaging worked closely with the company to assess their needs and recommended that they purchase 5 LD-3SB machines, Loveshaw’s side belt driven tape sealer recommended for dimensionally unstable cases. After an onsite demonstration by their Loveshaw representative, the customer agreed that the equipment worked well and they were reassured that Loveshaw had a complete parts division to supply them with parts as needed.

Specifically, Loveshaw’s CAC60 tape cartridge pressure adjustment feature allowed the company to avoid applying too much pressure to the boxes, which eliminated the box crushing. The purchase of the LD-3SB box sealers resulted in faster production due to fewer issues with box jams and easier loading of the machine with tool-less tape heads.

The company purchased 5 machines and after using them for a few months, the machine operators were so satisfied with the equipment’s capabilities that they purchased 5 more. The company currently runs 10 LD-3SB machines at their facility.

Little David - 3DB


  • Speed: 76 fpm 
  • Case Range: Length: 3” - Inf / Width: 4 - 20” (narrow box option of 3 ¼”) / Height: 4 ½” – 24” (high mast option up to 34")
  • Compact Footprint: 32”x 33 ½” x 59 ¼” 
  • Easy to operate
  • Single mast design for safety, quick, easy case changeover: slide and lock height and width wheel adjustment
  • Durable: Built with heavy gauge steel to last in the most demanding 24/7 operations, front and rear horizontal leg braces for added stability.
  • CAC60 Case Locker Tape Cartridge with five patented features
  • Top and bottom tape cartridges are interchangeable

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