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Little David Case Study

Legend Random


Legend Random / Semi-Automatic Random, Top and Bottom Case Sealer (Operator-Fed) 


We were invited by an authorized Little David® distributor, Associated Packaging - Tampa Florida to visit a manufacturer of electronic surge protectors to evaluate the benefits of a box taper. The manufacturer was interested in increasing production efficiencies and eliminating messy, water-activated tape. The facility was filling approximately 500 random size boxes per day.

The process for packing and sealing the box was a manual, three step sealing process:

  • Employees hand erected boxes and applied water activated tape to the bottom
  • Packed the box with the product and filled the case with dunnage
  • Taped the top of the box

An Associated Packaging Representative evaluated the existing set-up and suggested a new streamlined layout for their packing area which incorporated Loveshaw’s Legend Random. After learning about the features of the machine and Loveshaw’s Trade-In Promotion, the deal was quickly finalized.


The manufacturer and employees are very pleased with the new random top and bottom adhesive tape machine which resulted in:

  • Reduced labor costs 40%
  • Decreased material cost by 45%
  • Eliminated the challenges associated with water activated tape



Speed: 80’ per minute 

Case Range: Min: L/W/H: 6 ½” x 4 ½” x 4 ½” Max: Inf x 20” x 24”

Machine dimensions: 56 ¾” x 31 15/16” x 57 3/16”

Power Requirements: 115 volts, single phase

Durable: Built with heavy gauge steel to last in the most demanding 24/7 operations

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