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Loveshaw's CF-5 with LD-3SB Increases Throughput 66%

Little David Case Study



CF-5 Semi-Automatic Box Former (operator fed) with LD-3SB Case Sealer

Case Presented: 

An authorized Little David® distributor was asked to visit a national co-packer in Wisconsin to evaluate the benefits of a box former and a case sealer. The company was interested in increasing throughput by eliminating the existing manual process. The operators were hand erecting and bottom taping the box, inserting a partition, placing 4 pouches of product in the box and manually sealing the top of the box.

The equipment proposed needed to be mobile, as it would be moved frequently for use in multiple lines, and operator friendly for frequent case size changes. In coordination with Loveshaw’s Regional Sales Manager, an onsite demonstration of the CF-5 with LD-3 SB extended drive case sealer with three flap folder was conducted at the facility.

Challenges presented:

  • The manual process of erecting and bottom sealing was slow and inefficient.
  • The weight of the product was heavy; 18-20 lbs. per pouch with 4 pouches in a carton. The machine needed to be industrial grade.
  • The top sealing was slow and inefficient.


The CF-5 secured and squared the case; the operator inserted the partition and placed the pouches into the box. The operator was only required to tuck the rear minor flap and the LD-3SB with 3 flap folder folded the remaining flaps then top and bottom sealed the box.

  • The manager noted 66% increased throughput on the line due to the investment in Little David equipment.

To provide maximum use of the machinery in the facility, quick release brackets and castors were installed so the customer could use the LD-3SB on other production lines when not running the pouch line. The combination worked out well for the customer and they are impressed with the robustness and consistency of the Loveshaw system.

CF-5 Performance Features

  • Allen-Bradley Micro800 PLC driven: monitors and controls each step in the flap folding process providing precise, repeatable sequence
  • Three points of safety: all three photo eyes need to be blocked at same time to activate
  • Operate from either side
  • No lubrication needed
  • Made of heavy-duty steel and stainless steel
  • Case range: Length: 8”–25”/ Width: 5½”–20”/ Height: 3½” – inf. Narrow box option of 3.5”
  • Compact Footprint: Length: 44”/ Width: 34”/Height: 33”
  • Speed: operator dependent
  • 110 VAC, 60 Hz single phase, 2 Amp
  • Air requirements: 6.5 SCFM


  • Speed: 76 fpm
  • Case Range: Length: 3” - Inf / Width: 4 - 20” (narrow box option of 3 ¼”) / Height: 4 ½” – 24” (high mast option up to 34")
  • Compact Footprint: 32”x 33 ½” x 59 ¼”
  • Easy to operate
  • Single mast design for safety, quick, easy case changeover: slide and lock height and width wheel adjustment
  • Durable: Built with heavy gauge steel to last in the most demanding 24/7 operations, front and rear horizontal leg braces for added stability.
  • CAC60 Case Locker Tape Cartridge with five patented features
  • Top and bottom tape cartridges are interchangeable

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