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CF-25 Box Former Reduces Labor Costs in the Mid-West

Case Study

Case Former CF-25


CF-25 Fully Automatic, Case Former/Erector

Case Presented: 

We were invited by an authorized Little David® distributor Ambrose Packagine to visit a wine and spirits distributor located in the Kansas City area. The customer was interested in increasing production efficiencies with a long-term goal of reducing labor expenses.

The wine and spirits distributor was utilizing temporary workers to work 3-4 hours each shift erecting and bottom-taping between 550 to 600 boxes. This cost a total of 18-24 man hours each shift.

This warehouse’s Operations Manager was working at another one of the company’s locations in 2012 when the company purchased a Little David® CF-25. Because the Manager was familiar with the benefits of the CF-25 and how it improved their operation, he requested through his management that they purchase a CF-25 for this warehouse as well.


The wine and spirits distributors’ management realized that investing in this box former would provide two major benefits:

  • 100% reduction in labor savings with the elimination of the temporary night shift team
  • Consistent sealing of cases

CF-25 Little David Performance Features:

  • Fully-automatic, uniform case erector designed to form and bottom-seal corrugated boxes at speeds up to 15 cases per minute; 24/7
  • Chain and lug drive system ensures square case
  • Powerful 1/3 HP Motor Drive System
  • Constructed of 10 and 12 gauge steel with solid 4 post nested construction
  • Industrial grade design and components
  • In-line compact footprint: 75 -1/8” x 43 1/4” x 75 3/4” Patented case flow technology enables case hopper to be confined within the machine
  • 2 minute case changeover
  • Load on the fly 150 case powered hopper
  • Case Range: Length: 6” – 16” / Width: 6” - 14” / Height: 4” - 12”
  • Power Requirements: 110 volts, 60 cycle, single phase
  • Air Requirements: 14 SCFM @ 85 psi

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