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Little David Case Study

Loveshaw's CF-5 Achieves Production Goals



CF-5 Semi-Automatic Box Former (operator fed) 

Case Presented: 

An authorized Little David® distributor located in Cleveland, Ohio was asked to visit a lighting packaging company to evaluate the benefits of a box former. The company was interested in increasing throughput by eliminating the existing manual process. The company was erecting the boxes, filling them and then pushing them into their Loveshaw’s LD-7 case sealers. The goal was to erect, pack and seal five cases per minute.

Challenges presented:

  • Inconsistent (slow) throughput due to manual erecting of boxes


The Distributor Rep determined the only semi-automatic former that could accommodate the narrow box was Loveshaw’s CF-5. The CF-5 demonstration video was viewed and the first unit was ordered.


Since the purchase of the CF-5, the manager noted the following:

  • Five cases per minute goal achieved due to the smooth flow of product from forming to sealing

  • Four additional CF-5 formers were purchased and connected to their existing LD-7’s

The Little David® CF-5 is a semi-automatic case erector capable of handling a variety of case sizes. It has an ergonomic design that adjusts to most conveyor heights using slide and lock legs, making it easily compatible with most sealers. This system can be easily operated and requires minimal operator training.

CF-5 Performance Features:

  • PLC driven: monitors and controls each step in the flap folding process providing precise, repeatable sequence

  • Three points of safety: all three photo eyes need to be blocked at same time to activate

  • Operate from either side

  • No lubrication needed

  • Made with heavy duty steel and stainless steel

  • Case range: Length: 8”–25”/ Width: 5½”–20”/ Height: 3½” – inf. Narrow box option of 3.5”

  • Compact Footprint: Length: 44”/ Width: 34”/Height: 33”

  • Speed: operator dependent

  • 110 VAC, 60 Hz single phase, 2 Amp motor

  • Air requirements: 6.5 SCFM

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