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A Little David Case Study

50% Labor Savings with CF-5 Box Former


CF-5 Semi-Automatic Box Former (operator fed) 

Case Presented: 

Am authorized Little David® distributor visited a coffee distribution center to quote an automatic box erector and a partitioner. The cost of the proposed automatic system was just under $130K. The customer was using three temporary laborers to manually erect and bottom seal boxes, and insert a partition. The bottom sealed boxes were delivered by conveyor to operators who would fill the box and push it through a semi-automatic case taper.

The $130K system was not in the customer’s budget; therefore, the distributor proposed a semi-automatic case erector and offered an onsite demonstration of Loveshaw’s CF-5.

Challenges presented:

  • The manual process of erecting and bottom sealing was slow and inefficient.
  • The fully automatic version was too expensive.  


During the onsite demonstration of the CF-5, the operator was able to: open, secure and square the case, insert the partition, place the coffee into the box and push through their existing semi-automatic case sealer. The manager was so satisfied with this simple, efficient, semi-automatic pack station they decided to purchase three CF-5’s for a fraction of the cost of the fully automated system.

  • Labor on the line decreased by 50%.
  • The three temporary laborers who were hand erecting and sealing have been moved to another part of the facility.
  • The three semi-automatic pack lines are producing equal throughput in a streamlined format.

CF-5 Performance Features

  • Allen-Bradley Micro800 PLC driven: monitors and controls each step in the flap folding process providing precise, repeatable sequence
  • Three points of safety: all three photo eyes need to be blocked at the same time to activate
  • Operate from either side
  • No lubrication needed
  • Made of heavy-duty steel and stainless steel
  • Case range: Length: 8”–25”/ Width: 5½”–20”/ Height: 3½” – inf. Narrow box option of 3.5”
  • Compact Footprint: Length: 44”/ Width: 34”/Height: 33”
  • Speed: operator dependent
  • 110 VAC, 60 Hz single phase, 2 Amp
  • Air requirements: 6.5 SCFM

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