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Find out what companies just like yours are doing to improve their packaging lines with case sealers, box tapers, and other fulfillment packaging products. If you need a custome product packaging solution that you don't see here, call us at 1-800-572-3434 and we may be able to customize a machine to fit your needs.

Success Stories: Unveiling the Impact of Industry Solutions

Problem: A national cereal manufacturer needed to meet the Wal-Mart RFID tagging mandate and they called Loveshaw.

Solution: Our labelers worked with accuracy to apply a .5" x 3.5" Alien "squiggle" RFID tag. The Class 1 EPC UHF tags are open tags, ready for programming by the customer at the time of deployment. The tags were applied at the required rate using the Little David LS-600 apply-only labeler. A conveyor mounted stationary reader then writes to the tag and verifies if the tag is good. If the tag is readable, the data is sent to an inkjet printer to print the human readable portion of the case coding.

If the tag is not good, the case passes through the inkjet station without it marking the case. The package is then rerouted for a second RFID tag to be applied over the bad tag. This approach accommodates the inherent bad reads expected from current RFID tag technology. Cases are not coded twice and all cases leaving the warehouse have the Wal-Mart required RFID tags; on the cases.

For information about RFID labeling contact your Loveshaw Regional Sales Manager.

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