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Find out what companies just like yours are doing to improve their packaging lines with case sealers, box tapers, and other fulfillment packaging products. If you need a custome product packaging solution that you don't see here, call us at 1-800-572-3434 and we may be able to customize a machine to fit your needs.

Success Stories: Unveiling the Impact of Industry Solutions

Problem: A pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Midwest needed a semi-automatic case sealer capable of handling narrow cases. The company was already using semi-automatic case sealer in its packaging line. However, a change in case dimensions to include narrower cases proved to be beyond the capabilities of the existing equipment. This company needed reliable case taping equipment offering the flexibility to seal cases as narrow as 4" or as wide as 15". Case heights would range from 4" to 8". The manufacturer of the existing equipment that they were using did not offer a case sealer to meet their requirements.

The production process would remain the same. An operator would erect the required case size and fill the case with the product. Next, the operator would fold the top flaps of the case and introduce the box to the case sealer. The case sealer would then tape both the top and bottom of the case. Although different case sizes were used, the same case sizes were grouped together for runs. Therefore, this was a uniform case sealer application.

Solution: This company first encountered Loveshaw’s Little David products at a tradeshow. For this application, Loveshaw recommended the Little David Special Application Model LD19-SB. The LD19-SB processes cases in the range of a minimum of 4 7/8" lengths, 3 1/4" widths, and 2 5/8" heights, to a maximum of infinite lengths, 20" widths, and 24" heights. Modifications can extend the case range even beyond these sizes (for more information contact our Special Applications Division). This case taper provided the flexibility that the customer was looking for.

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