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LD-24 Case Sealer

Case Sealing for the Real World

The Little David LD-24 is an industrial grade high performance case sealer.  It's designed to meet the case sealing demands of customers with high volume runs of same-sized boxes.  Its compact design is perfect for customers looking to take up less real estate between conveyors.

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Features of the LD-24 INCLUDE:

LD-24 model

  • Pneumatic case folding: dual side rear flap tuckers and positive folding of major flaps
  • Removable crank handles and graduated adjustments that are scaled for fast and precise changeover
  • Operator stations on both sides making it mirror image in the field
  • Production speed of 100 ft. per minute and fully welded frame
  • Adjustment free pneumatically tensioned quick change belts
  • Adjustable height and Allen Bradley Micro800 PLC controls can be integrated into the customer's conveyor system for start and stop control
  • Energy saving mode, safety panel in folding area, indexing gate and box jam indicator
  • Optional threaded rods, casters or leveling pads


Power Requirements:
  • 110 volts, 60 cycle, single phase
Air Requirements:
  • 5 SCFM @ 85 psi
Operating Speed:
  • 100’ per minute (30.49 m/min.)
Closure Material:
  • Pressure Sensitive Tape
  • 800 lbs. (363 kg.), uncrated
Case Capacity:
  • Length  8" min.    24" max. 
  • Width    6" min.    18" max.
  • Height  4.5" min  18" max.
Dimensions for the LD-24 Case Sealer

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