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What you need to know:

  • is your source for all of your health and dietary supplement needs.
  • Manual case erecting wastes valuable time and storing formed boxes takes up warehouse space.
  • A bottom only case sealer from Loveshaw will make forming and sealing small batch runs of cases faster and more efficient.

Here is what took place when Gary Rosencrans, Marketing Manager at Loveshaw, sat down with Ty Ahmad, the founder of

Gary - Tell me a little bit about your business?

Ty -Same Day Supplements was founded in 2007 and is located in Long Island, NY. Here at Same Day Supplements, we help individuals from all over the world supplement their health and fitness needs with dietary supplements. We do thousands upon thousands of shipments every day. An operation like ours requires a system that runs efficiently in order to live up to our guarantee; orders are shipped out the same day.

G - So this increase in order volume was hindering your goal to ship orders the same day?

T - Before we discovered Loveshaw, our shipping department needed to manually fold and tape each cardboard box to pack our customers’ orders.  This was unproductive and wasted time that could be better spent processing more orders.  Our employees had to first fold the box the correct way and then proceed to tape it with a tape gun which sometimes required several passes of tape if not done correctly the first pass. Our old process was wasting time and money.  We improved other aspects of the shipping process and finely tuned our operation. However, packing was still left untouched on our checklist. We needed a solution.

G - How did you research your solution and learn about Loveshaw?

T - A simple internet search revealed a possible easy fix to our problem. This is when we discovered Loveshaw.  We read about how other companies improved their efficiency with the use of a case sealer machine. Right away, we got in contact with a regional representative, who visited our warehouse to review our operation. He answered all our questions and helped us make one of the best decisions we’ve made. We bought a bottom only case sealer machine to assist with building cases prior to packing.

G –All of our regional sales managers have years of experience and pride themselves on finding the right solution, so you were in great hands with John Rogers, who covers the Mid-Atlantic. He found the right machine to work with your operation and didn’t oversell the wrong solution.  The LD-3SB bottom only case sealer is ideal for small batch runs of uniform cases, with only one adjustment needed for changeover.  Tell us about the improvements you are seeing from utilizing the machine?

T- Making boxes for shipping has never been easier. With the LD-3SB, we can easily fold a whole bundle of 25 cardboard boxes in just a few minutes.  The time saved building boxes has increased our overall throughput 45-50% over our previous method. It’s hard to believe that our old way of packing and making boxes took so much time. The machine has freed up so much more time we are able to reallocate our employees to complete more meaningful tasks. Boxes are taped perfectly with the first pass saving us money on tape and giving our packages a better look.  It also helped us save warehouse space. Previously box making was a task done at the end of a shift or during downtime.  This would lead to mountains of nested and stored boxes taking up space. Now we form boxes in small runs which frees up warehouse space for more valuable inventory. We couldn’t be any happier with our purchase!

G - Any future plans to automate more of your packaging lines?

T- I am continually looking to improve our process, but I don’t have any plans at the moment. One thing I am certain of is that I will be contacting Loveshaw when I do.

G - I’m glad your business is doing so well and that Loveshaw could help.  Be sure to check out our LDX-RTB high-speed random case sealer.  This sealer is made for high volume e-commerce companies that are looking to improve throughput levels in their operation.

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