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Take the first step into automation.

A robot is probably the first thing you think of when you hear the word automation.  They are everywhere these days –droning the skies, or in the operating room. Sure they are becoming more widespread and available; but are you ready to introduce a complex and expensive component to your packaging line?

A case sealer or taper is a different level of automation. Acquiring one is an easy and cost effective way to improve your packaging line.  Dedicating less time and resources to taping boxes will allow you to focus on more important tasks, like producing quality products.

Top 3 reasons to invest in a case sealer:

Reason 1:  It will increase productivity.  No longer will the taping part of your operation be the bottleneck.  Taping a box with a sealer is significantly faster and more efficient than taping by hand.     

Reason 2: Ergonomic Value. Using a case sealer will eliminate the repetitive motion of hand taping boxes. Minimizing these movements will reduce carpel tunnel and lead to less workers compensation claims.  A fully-automatic case sealer will eliminate the manual folding of the top flaps altogether.

Reason 3: Reduced Costs – both material and labor.  Hand taping a box is more labor intensive than using a case sealer. You will not need the same amount of labor to produce taped boxes. One person utilizing a case sealer will outperform multiple people hand taping boxes.  A fully-automatic case sealer will give you even more labor savings, as you can utilize the operator to perform other tasks.   A sealer will use the right amount of tape on a consistent basis, reducing waste and saving you up to 30% on tape consumption.  A byproduct of this is better looking and more securely sealed packages. 

Evaluate your needs, consult with a manufacturer or distributor rep, and find the right case sealer for your operation.  Be careful not to base your buying decision solely on price and you will find out that moving away from hand taping boxes was well worth it.

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