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In the interest of security, more and more consumer products manufacturers are sealing decorative chipboard cases with "L" clips.

For example, a telescopic chipboard carton is sealed to prevent pilferage in the toy industry. A clear plastic lid is fastened to a tray to provide a shelf display for the latest perfume or greeting card. A tuck flap carton is sealed top and bottom to prevent the product from falling out during handling.

Problem: In this application, a hinged telescopic chipboard carton needed to be sealed with two "L" clips for a candy manufacturer. Once in the store, the lid could be torn off at the perforated hinge and the remaining decorative tray would provide a shelf display. These "L" clips, applied to the sides adjacent to the hinge of the carton, provide tamper evidence as well as preventing the candy from spilling out during handling.

Solution: Loveshaw's Little David Special Applications engineers designed a machine that utilizes Loveshaw's patented pneumatic front and rear "L" clip cartridge. One inch wide tape was used with 1-1/4 tabs. A spring·loaded head provides just enough downward pressure to compress the lid without damaging the graphics on the carton. A unique device compresses the rear of the lid to the tray "on the fly" so that when the rear "L" clip is applied, there is no tape flagging.

This machine is ideal for chipboard applications where the product supports the carton. However, other drive systems can be used for serious voids or overfills.

For more information, please contact Loveshaw's Little David Special Applications Division at 1-800-572-3434.

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