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Find out what companies just like yours are doing to improve their packaging lines with case sealers, box tapers, and other fulfillment packaging products. If you need a custome product packaging solution that you don't see here, call us at 1-800-572-3434 and we may be able to customize a machine to fit your needs.


One of the largest manufacturers of fasteners to the automotive industry needed a reliable automatic case erector to improve throughput and eliminate labor associated with manual case erecting.



½ keg cases erected manually then placed on a powered conveyor and transferred 90 degrees for automatic filling.  The filled cases then traveled over a vibratory conveyor to settle the product.  Next, the cases were transferred 90 degrees to a fully automatic uniform taper for top only sealing only.  Finally, a print and apply 4X8 label was applied in a corner wrap configuration prior to being palletized robotically.  Visually the cell was a “U” shape with 90-degree transfer conveyors. 



The ½ keg cases are a 9X9 square, 44 ECT and range from 4” to 7” high along with a new customer that required a 3” high case. They needed to automate this process and several factors had to be evaluated.  The machine must meet their production rate requirements and effectively open and erect a square case. It had to be user-friendly, low-maintenance, and reliable.  Finally, it could not be too large that it couldn’t fit into their limited floor space.



High-speed automatic case erector(20-25 case per minute) located outside of the processing area that required an overhead “hook” style conveyor to deliver the erected cases to multiple production cells.  This solution was cost-prohibitive and still required an operator to place the erected case onto the conveyor. Presently, 2 operators per shift manually erected the ½ keg cases for a 3 shift 24/7 operation. The customer’s goal was to have one operator monitor the cell and to deploy or eliminate the labor cost of the other operator per shift to justify the capital expense.



Loveshaw proposed an inline solution with multiple case erectors.  The Loveshaw model CF-25 with a patented inline hopper and compact footprint was an ideal fit.  The CF-25 could be placed at a 45-degree angle to feed cases on a powered roller conveyor.  The CF-25 was able to accommodate the new customer specific 3” case and its design utilizes opposing suction cups, which gives it a considerable advantage opening square cases.  The customer agreed that this solution was cost effective and superior to the competitor’s overhead conveyor solution.



To prove out the concept and show our value-added solution, Loveshaw Regional Sales Manager, Mark Craddick, arranged to ship in a CF-25 at no charge for a 30 day demonstration.  He trained all operators on all shifts, including maintenance personnel on how to set up and operate the machine.  Loveshaw demonstrated to the customer that we can provide support above and beyond the customer’s expectations.



Our solution addressed the customers targeted labor reduction by one operator per shift and still allowed for one operator to be mobile and monitor the entire cell.  The compact footprint case erector fit within their current packaging area and eliminated the potential cost of an overhead case conveying system. The inline design allowed them to condense the floor space that the previous “U” shaped packaging line took up, giving them the ability to accommodate more lines.

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