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Distribution Center Unlocks Secret to Improved Throughput

Loveshaw offers a machine that solves a problem most fulfillment centers are faced with: Needing more throughput and Processing under filled cases.

Find out how our high speed random case sealer, made to run in automatic mode, helped a leading international apparel, personal care and beauty products company improve their distribution process.

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Problem: A national TV shopping network needed a fully-automatic case sealer that could handle 18 different case sizes, some stable and some unstable....

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Problem: The world's largest e-retailer of shoes was gearing up for their holiday busy-season and they realized that their case sealers were becom...

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Link to the "Build It" pageE-Commerce / Fulfillment

The immense popularity of shopping online or from your mobile device makes versatile packaging equipment a great need for e-commerce and fulfillment industries. Loveshaw meets that need with heavy-duty machines that can handle multiple packaging lines and large runs of uniform or random cases at speeds that allow you get more packages out the door.

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LDX-RTB Case Sealer

In distribution speed is crucial. Expect up to a 40% increase in throughput with this high speed top and bottom case sealer. Automatically adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of box sizes.

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SP-304R BO Case Former

Improve productivity and throughput by maximizing operator efficiency. Ideal erecting and bottom sealing solution if you are utilizing a wide variety of box sizes.

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LX-800RT Label Application System

Continuing the tradition of functional labeling for the real world, Loveshaw is proud to release The Little David LX-800RT.